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Vector (SVG) File Creation Service

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Need a jpg or drawing converted to SVG for screen printing or your cutter for HTV?

Our creation fee covers taking your jpg or sketch and creating an SVG file.

The vector comes in SVG format that you can send directly to your cutters. This is great for multi-dec designs. HTV or screen print and then add bling accents. Basic price is $10. Some designs may require more work and the fee could be as high as $25. Those instances are VERY rare.

You will receive your vector file usually within 24 hours (weekdays, regular business hours).

Drop us a line if you have questions on this service.

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HFE has a steep learning curve.  Let us get you up and running with top quality, original files.  Instant DSG file downloads for your ProSpangle, Spangle Elite, CAMS, or Decor/Decos machine.  

Files for cutters and lasers, too!

You’ll also find SVG’s for both cutters and lasers in the shop.  We machine test all of our files. 

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Graphics for DTF and Sublimation

We have original designs for DTF and Sublimation printing. Many of our Bling designs are “Print Plus” which is the graphic AND the Bling Accents to set your apparel apart!  After all, everything is better with Bling!

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