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Only $99 for 3 months !

Subscription includes all the Member benefits outlined.

Membership includes $45 design file credit each month!

That’s three* designs you didn’t have to spend time to make and can concentrate on Selling!!

Membership fees are automatically renewed every quarter. Discounts take effect the day you register and Design Club Download credits are issued via email. The first is within 48 hours of sign up (not including weekend) and the next 2 will be issued 30 and 60 days after the first (one each month).

Effective 1/1/22, Club Credits are issued on your “anniversary” date. Your subscription is for 3 full months, so you will receive 3 codes. For example, if you sign up on the 14th, you will receive your first credit within 48 hours, and then your subsequent 2 credits will be emailed 30 and 60 days from when the first credit was issued (3 times within the membership quarter).

Access to the full catalog, education, and Facebook group will begin within 48 hours of payment processing.

*With an average discounted Design Member price of just under $15 per file, your $45 per month credit covers at least THREE Designs!

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